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Primera Dia 

The airport was fun, as we hadn't seen each other in about a month. A group of us got together to go through security, and that made it less stressful. When we arrived at the gate everyone was all smiles and excitement.

I got a window seat, a.k.a. the jackpot of free seat selections! Next to me was my new roommate, Caitlyn. We had only had one real conversation outside of a meeting, and this was the first step to what has become a wonderful relationship (if she doesn't get tired of me soon 😳). We got a free beverage to celebrate and take the edge off, and we cheersed to a new adventure!

There was no sleep to be had on the plane, but the food was decent, and the company was top shelf. Once we landed in España, we were all just happy to stand up and hurry lff the plane just after a child upchucked in the aisle (luckily 3 rows behind us). We we're greeted at the gate by machine gun weilding policia. Then we did some group bonding, half assed, yoga stretches while waiting on the bus.

The bus was nice- as we got to stretch out. It was a short 1.5 hours to Segovia, and we did not stop for a break before heading out to see the sights. The hotel was a good hike up a hill, about 10 minutes, but luckily they picked up our luggage for us. Because the old city still operates on cobble stone street the bus would not fit.

We dropped out things and set foot towards the castle. It was majestic. This is rumored to be the castle that sleeping beauty's was modelled after. Swoon! I belong in a castle. I'm convinced. (Sorry Roger)

Photos of my new home are available on my Instagram. Autographs are available for purchase at a later date.

This castle housed King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella for some time. It was an armory. It became a military school. It is now my home. No, for real though, I was in awe at every turn. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable, and it made for some amazing photographs.

We then walked a couple blocks to the Cathedral of Segovia. What a beautiful sight. It was fun to see everyone's different reactions. For many this trip is their first put of the US. For others, their first to the EU. The history and architecture seen here has so much more depth than that of America. I appreciated especially seeing the love in Caitlyn's eyes inside the cathedral, as it was a religious experience for her own faith- not only an appreciation for the artistry.

After the cathedral we took a l o n g stroll down back past the castle to a grassy field in the garden below. In order to get there, we used some very steep stairs. Y'all, I'm scared of heights. I cried. Like legit tears we're streaming down my already sweaty face. The first set of stairs were see through metal with a landing. I freaked. I could see the long distance between myself and the earth, a.k.a. safety. Luckily, Sol was my night in shining armor as he guided me down the stairs towards solid ground. Muchas gracias, Sol.

The Aquaducts were the final destination. To the delight lf our tired feet, hungry bellies, and jet lagged souls, the bus picked is up and drove us accross Segovia to the Aquaducts. This Roman structure was amazing to see in person. The mass is unbelievable. How the hell did the Romans build this?!?

Around the Aquaducts was bustling with local people headed for drinks and tapas. It was awesome to see such a historic landmark becoming such a huge part of modern life. People rested in its shade, hiding from the evening sun. Children tossled between the large collums. Others leaned against it as they smoked. To them, it was just a part of the city life. To us, it was a destination.

Next, we ventured for food with little luck, as we realized the reality of late dinners in Spain. Buger King did the trick- even though it was an American fast food. 😬 Oops. But to be fair, the vegetarian options are sorely lacking. I ate the same exact thing (a lettuce and tomato sandwich) for breakfast and lunch.

We were left to find our way home, accross town, for ourselves. We had poor communication and all got split up with the distraction of food, but it worked out. A group of is ventured up the Aquaduct steps, took photos on top, took a squat break (literally did squats for fun after walking all day and being awake for over 30 hours), used a real map as a guide, and we strolled home.

Our hotel was beautiful. The view off the terrace was absolutely wonderful. The sunset behind my house (the castle) was a dream. About eight or so of us ended the evening on the terrace enjoying the cool night air and getting to know one another. It had already felt like we had been together for a week or that we were old friends. The long day came to an end, but not before I kept my roommate up for an extra hour while I tried on 10 outfits trying to prepare for the next day. Lol

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