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Flying Away

As you may have noticed, I have put my art on hold since early March. I hated to put a pause on business right after a great pop from the Iron & Anvil art show, but I needed to focus on school. I currently have art for purchase at Cool Beans Coffee and Les Filles Art Collective in Marietta Square, if you'd like to take a looksie or support my dreams.

In the meantime, I have finished my last real semester of college. I am currently standing in an airport, getting ready to board a flight to Spain. I'll be in Spain on a study abroad trip until July. This trip will hopefully finish out my college career!!! Wish me luck!

While I'm away, I plan to keep you all updated through my blog. I'll be writing journals for class, but also writing for myself. When writing my first assignment I realized how much I enjoyed putting my thoughts into words. If you want to stay updated on what goes on in my head, or just hear about my adventures, you can subscribe to my site. You'll get updates when I post. I'll post up my expectations for my trip later today.

Thanks for reading and caring about my life!

I'll have more art to post come July.

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