Profile: Casidy Cnossen

Casidy Cnossen is an artist from Columbus, Georgia that now resides in Atlanta. She has wanted to be an artist as long as she can remember and is so excited to make the dream a reality. Casidy is a self-taught stained glass creator, and she is thrilled to see where this medium takes her. Through Imaginary Abstractions, Casidy intends to create a desired reality in the world around us. She finds inspiration through nature, in the glass, itself, and in the reflection of light upon its surface. Majority of the ‘pretties’ collection plays upon the desire for a world full of whimsical wonder and dreamy destinations. She hopes to bring joy to her viewers through ordinary objects portrayed in a magical actuality. 

Photo By: Cameron Baskin

Puzzle Pieces

Today I sat down to write an instagram caption to compliment a cute photo Roger took of me yesterday at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. As I was looking for an Alice in Wonderland quote, I came across one that really hit home. The post I ended up writing was much more serious and honest than I originally intended. Below is a copy of the caption is posted: "The Lewis Carroll quote, " "'Who in the world am I?' Ah, that's the great puzzle!," is from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. This particular quote speaks to my heart. I have had a life changing summer. I feel as though this crossroads of my life is a bit delayed, but its about the journey, right?!? I spent a month in Spain, with strangers,

I'm back!

I returned to the states at the beginning of July. Then, my world got a bit wonky. I received some tilting information concerning my family. It has taken me a while to get my head back on straight. Therefore, no blogging. My plan was to blog about my trip more upon returning. There was absolutely no time to be on my computer while I was in Spain. I had an amazing time! But we were constantly on the move. A day in the life: Wake up around 7-7:30 to shower and get ready. Hopefully, we would get breakfast and coffee before having to leave for school. Caitlyn was definitely the keeper of time, as I would sit at the kitchen table and do my makeup/nibble on food until she would tell me we had to l

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