Profile: Casidy Cnossen

Casidy Cnossen is an artist from Columbus, Georgia that now resides in Atlanta. She has wanted to be an artist as long as she can remember and is so excited to make the dream a reality. Casidy is a self-taught stained glass creator, and she is thrilled to see where this medium takes her. Through Imaginary Abstractions, Casidy intends to create a desired reality in the world around us. She finds inspiration through nature, in the glass, itself, and in the reflection of light upon its surface. Majority of the ‘pretties’ collection plays upon the desire for a world full of whimsical wonder and dreamy destinations. She hopes to bring joy to her viewers through ordinary objects portrayed in a magical actuality. 

Photo By: Cameron Baskin

Las Relaciones

Forming relationships is one of my favorite uses of time and result of my travels. I love people, through and through. Everyone has a new perspective, differing experiences, and potential impact on your life. Traveling would not be nearly as exciting without the prospects to interact with strangers. I am very sociable and will converse with anyone if given the opportunity. I usually start things off, in foreign countries, by asking where someone is from and making a joke about how I am obviously American. Being in school with other students everyday has encouraged us to mingle and interact with others. On our first day of school I was in a class with two of our other students, and five stude

La Comida

Food was one of my main points of stress before coming on this trip. As a vegetarian, I was scared that my host family would not know what to feed me, there would be cross contamination, or that I wouldn’t like the food options. Food is so important, not only because it nourishes our bodies and provides the necessary energy for our adventures abroad, but also because it adds enjoyment. Food is life. Literally, yes, food is needed to live, but good food equals a happy life. I am happy here, in Spain, but the food is not contributing to my happy life. The gelato breaks makes up for some missed enjoyment at meal times, but the stress of meals returns three times a day. I have lived on my own si

Primera Dia 

The airport was fun, as we hadn't seen each other in about a month. A group of us got together to go through security, and that made it less stressful. When we arrived at the gate everyone was all smiles and excitement. I got a window seat, a.k.a. the jackpot of free seat selections! Next to me was my new roommate, Caitlyn. We had only had one real conversation outside of a meeting, and this was the first step to what has become a wonderful relationship (if she doesn't get tired of me soon 😳). We got a free beverage to celebrate and take the edge off, and we cheersed to a new adventure! There was no sleep to be had on the plane, but the food was decent, and the company was top shelf. Once w

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