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Casidy Cnossen is an artist from Columbus, Georgia that now resides in Atlanta. She has wanted to be an artist as long as she can remember and is so excited to make the dream a reality. Casidy is a self-taught stained glass creator, and she is thrilled to see where this medium takes her. Through Imaginary Abstractions, Casidy intends to create a desired reality in the world around us. She finds inspiration through nature, in the glass, itself, and in the reflection of light upon its surface. Majority of the ‘pretties’ collection plays upon the desire for a world full of whimsical wonder and dreamy destinations. She hopes to bring joy to her viewers through ordinary objects portrayed in a magical actuality. 

Photo By: Cameron Baskin


Whats your passion? Are you living it? Most people get caught up in this thing we call life, and they aren’t true to their own souls. I have put my art aside for too many years now, and it is time that I find it again. I want to live authentically and openly. I want to remain wide eyed and curious to all the this life has to offer. I strive to find the beauty in all that I see and all that I do. I wish to create a desired reality, even when the everyday preassures, stress, and ass hats try to bring me down. I plan to use this site to create a portfolio and photo journal of my everyday life, my travels, my art, and the beauty that I find within the monotony between it all.

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